My stats are off the charts

Sometime overnight the wind shifted and the cool northerly air moved in so when it was time for our Toons to be out for their early morning stroll it was sunny and very pleasant.

No complaints from this OzWiz.

Yesterday's mail contained the sad news that Olinda Forino, wife of one of my 413th buddies, Coe Forino of CT, passed on on the third of this month at age 86.

"I lost part of my body and soul ..." Coe wrote.

Now comes my responsiblity to inform the remaining members of our "family" of her passing and other news via our printed newsletter. I informed those who have e-addresses this morning. At the same time our group's secretary has decided to 'turn out the light' and divide what money we have between two of the veterans groups.

Sad times for us geezers and their kin.

Enjoy the day and this weather, the likes of which may not be around again ...

Wait, even better weather predicted for tomorrow. Hold the light switch.