You know what it means to miss New Orleans

... is the favorite song of the Big Easy this evening as Ivan, the hurricane, now headed to crash ashore late this evening about Mobile, AL. Ivan, a huge hurricane (wasn't that the same description of Frances?) will certainly deeply impact most of the gulf coast shorelines. Ivan will also cost each of us plenty of money, as have each of the previous storms. But first we need to survive tonight and the next couple of days.

Switching gears: The OzWiz had a most interesting day with no thoughts of Ivan (until later this evening when CNN covered the ongoing winds, rains, floods, tornadoes with many of their prime personnel). This was Covenant Group meeting day at our UU church and both Diane and I were present. Today's subject was hobbies; since I have several (including this blog) I selected a phase of the one I have had since I was a youngster.

However, upon further review there's much to write so I will continue this tomorrow - that is if we don't blow away and the creek don't rise, as they say.