Where were you when the seasons changed?

As summer faded to fall the OzWiz and Diane were driving north on the Interstate bound for Kenosha, so at 11:30 local time, the exact minute our sun crossed an imaginary line in the sky we were just inside Wisconsin.

On our way to Woodman's, the large grocery and all else store, so large that if the Green Bay Packers ever needed an indoor practice site, Woodman's would do nicely. Of course, it would take several days to move the merchandise to make room.

Why travel to Wisconsin to grocery shop? Woodman's is an experience, employee owned, lower pricing and fabulous selections all combine to bring shoppers in for miles around. Cash or debit card only. One can buy supplies to last a month (we need shop locally for milk, bread, fresh fruit,etc. once those supplies are used up). Folks who dislike grocery shopping (such as Diane's sister) look forward to the Woodman's run.

No Woodman's employees are family members nor does anyone there have an idea they are blog material. Only the OzWiz approves of this message.

Once home my brother, Win, phoned. Now recuperating at home, feeling pretty chipper, but shaken by his near disaster experience, he sounded just great. As any hospital patient he told of midnight raids to collect blood samples, take temperatures, read pulses, check all the tubes and pouches and to insure that one gets no sleep. When questioned about anything the answer always is, "cause the doctor says so."

Summer weather continues here. What we missed during the summer months has happened during the past few weeks. No one is complaining, unless it is the merchants who are pushing their Fall & Winter lines.

Last night we watched "War and Peace" the 1956 Ponti-DeLaurentiis production starring Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Mel Ferrer and a cast of thousands. I have the CL930 sound track of this movie (I fail to recall much music in the movie so I will need to listen again. Both of us thought the movie production was jumbled, too long and I wondered what part John Mills played as he was large type featured in the cast. This was a TCM via Tivo so once finished, in the wee hours, it was quickly dispatched.

Loved Audrey Hepburn as Natasha. She is sorely missed.