...and tomorrow and tomorrow

which one should I use? Having indicated that I would continue about our UU Covenant Group's meeting "tomorrow" in my last post ... well, this is A tomorrow.

This group meets monthly, has a theme (not necessarily religion based) and attracts about 15 of us seniors each time. Diane and I have been members for almost a year.

Hobbies: Turns out each of us has one or more and such a variety. A retired lawyer has a passion for cooking (he brought one of his specialties, a St. Joseph pastry, a lip smacker) however his current interest are doll houses, changing them from stock to custom with paint, wallpaper, and all exterior/interior items to scale. He brought some "trading spaces" photos to show a Victorian home he and his wife are currently transforming.

A lady who has two Australian sheep dogs that she trains brought photos of them going thru their paces and at ease. As we have two dogs these photos were of interest to us.

Knitters. We have a few and they turn out professional work. No dropped stitches here.

Artists. Two in our group, one a crafter the other an excellent copyist. The two examples she brought could have easily passed as originals.

In this day of digital cameras it is nice to see the work of a photographer who uses a SLR camera and captures the beauty of nature, flowers, sunsets (being a late riser he sleeps thru sunrises) and the seasons. Many of his prints are from shots taken at the Illinois Beach State Park.

When it came my turn I brought several pages from my stamp collection, not the usual album stuff, but using the pictorial stamps of Great Britain I wrote cartoon gags for each in a collection I call "Who Says the Brits Have No Sense of humor?"

It went over surprisingly well, jolly good, one member urged me to send it on to the New Yorker as she felt they would want to use them. I dunno. What do you think? You can find them on line at http://lacopex.netfirms.com which gets you to the Lake County Philatelic Society site. From the opening page click Presentations from the left hand column and when the page comes up click on the title shown.

As for yesterday, I wanted to finish writing/editing the newsletter for my army company. Once into it I was surprised at the amount of material I had to write about. I did complete it by early s'afternoon and over the week-end I'll get it printed and into the mail stream.

Diane and I had some GOOD NEWS as this is being written. Our vet tells us (from a blood draw yesterday) that our Toon, SHANNON's hepatitis is in REMISSION thanks to the meds she has been taking. It could return, no time table, but for now we keep her on her meds and watch her activities.