BipCoin no longer viable

We turned it over to another dev 18 months ago He dropped the ball and didn’t fix things that needed fixing. As a result BipCoin got de-listed from cryptopia. I’d recommend not bothering with BipCoin. Was a good run I’m not a programmer. the new dev either misrepresented his abilities to me, or he doesn’t […]

New BipCoin dev!

I’m busy with other things. Good guy and programmer is taking over. He’s   SamuelPickwick on Bitcoin talk. -=-=-= June 17, 2017: these BipCoin pools are gone: use instead. It’s solid.  

updates in latest BipCoin fix

-The security fixes -Miner moved out of daemon -Migration to DB (The blockchain now is stored in database – rocksdb) Now to solo mine, you must use ‘miner’. The mining program is not part of the daemon anymore. ./miner –daemon-address –address bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Change the port to the real RPC port of your daemon. =- […]

Compiled updated BipCoin Linux CLI with the critical fix

For those who don’t want to compile their own updated Linux CLI with the critical fix, here: 29.1 MB (30,595,998 bytes) MD5: 43fe2d30d6ce526aeb92d3ea3491d560 Save your .address and .wallet files before you update. Then copy those into the new folder. Then open simplewallet and type ‘reset’. It will take some time to resync the wallet […]


CRITICAL FIX FOR BipCoin WINDOWS CLI (Linux fix is one post back). MD5: af365ed98413af448fff740996887f40 size: 5.39 MB (5,660,267 bytes) DIRECTIONS: Close CLI wallet if open. Backup all .address and .wallet files. Download and unzip fix. Dump fix files into CLI wallet files and allow to overwrite. Start CLI wallet and allow to re-sync to […]


CRITICAL UPDATE FOR BipCoin SOFTWARE. Pools, nodes, miners, update now. CRITICAL UPDATE FOR BipCoin SOFTWARE. Pools, nodes, miners, update now. Updated security fix to deal with problem posted about by Monero. Pool owners and people running nodes should update immediately. Please swap out now. FIRST, BACKUP .address and .wallet files before update. LINUX BINARY, […]

Workable and adoptable decentralized DNS (someone should do this plan, but I’m out)

We didn’t raise enough to make it work our plan for workable and adoptable decentralized DNS. However: The methodology described in my whitepaper is solid, and I hope someone with more resources will take it up with a different coin. I basically recommend a non-CryptoNote coin, even though conventional blockchains don’t offer anonymity. Because […]

BipCoin web widget

thanks @KittyCatTech Code to put ’em on your site is below example. ProTip: If you want to make the widget smaller put it in a fixed width (in px) or % <div> i.e. <div style=”width:250px;”> BIP/BTC (BipCoin Price in Bitcoin BTC): Code: <script type=”text/javascript”> baseUrl = “”; var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”); var embedder = scripts[ […]

fixing the “unknown top block” error

If you have problems getting your blockchain to sync (especially a repeating error in yellow about “unknown top block”), make sure your computer’s clock is correct. Fixing the clock fixed the problem. I’ve heard of this issue with other coins too. Makes sense. Here’s how to make your Windows machine update current time automatically: In […]

BipCoin FAQ, Russian translation

FAQ BipCoin Есть ли обозреватель блоков BipCoin? Есть ли майнинг? Да, два обозревателя на каждый  из блоков.   BipCoin Обозреватель блоков: BipCoin майнинг: Монета появилась на пике внезапной популярности (CryptoNote монет) Monero? Нет. BipCoin был выпущен 20 августа 2016 года, за день до объявления  о принятии Monero, что  и вызвало увеличение цены Monero. […]

Intentionally ugly paper wallets for Bitcoin (and other coins) – Security through obscurity, punk rock style

I’ve been making “hide in plain site” ugly paper Bitcoin wallets. It’s a lot of fun. You might dig it too. And making your own ugly paper wallets could be a really fun rainy-day project with the kids. I’m mainly making these to practice because pretty soon we’ll be able to make ugly paper wallets […]

Adding a payment ID for a transaction

This is required when depositing to Cryptopia. They provide the payment ID along with your deposit address. The formula for sending with a payment ID from CLI: transfer <mixin_amount> <address> <sum> [-p payment_id] then hit “Enter.” Example, to send 100 bips: transfer 0 bip1gRjTqLtcKdM1xk9aK5FWZG1qhfyV3CwNAvhZD8KVyKVR1X99Aq43WsPBp4LrEWdSMmC2ZK1SPhy zcUvBTSV7GeAoz8UnE 100 -p a1ca72acb23d8e1a838575d4463d31fd6de01e0f5fc986ecee68efcfd614cd1c Try sending a very small amount, like […]

Dot-Bip BipCoin Fundraiser radio ads

Please consider playing these ads on your podcast or radio show: 60 second mono WAV 60 second stereo WAV 60 second stereo MP3 30 second stereo WAV 30 second mono WAV Dot-Bip: Censorship-Proof Domain Names Done Right. via BipCoin. Indiegogo with link to whitepaper: Dot-Bip fixes what Namecoin got wrong. Will be easy to […]

How to buy or sell BipCoin on Cryptopia Exchange

To deposit some Bitcoin to the exchange: After making an account on, (Note, every time you log on to Cryptopia, you’ll get an email. It’s part of their anti-hacking protection.) Then go to your Account Balances at: NOTE: you can hide any coins that you don’t follow so they don’t show in the list. […]

2 GREAT BipCoin pools to use, and one other pool to NOT use

How to mine BipCoin with mining pools (Plus a great new pool!) 2 EXCELLENT BipCoin POOLS: (The first pool has also been shown before as and that also still works.) THERE IS ANOTHER POOL that SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED, RUN BY A NOOB WHO IS SPAMMING IT ON SOME FORUMS. HE […]

New page with updating total coin supply of BipCoin

Thank you slb for making this: It updates every six hour with total coin supply of BipCoin. For now we are using it so coinmarketcap can update their listing for BipCoin on their all-coin page so it shows our actual market cap. This info is also on the Democats BipCoin block explorer, but coinmarketcap […]

BipCoin in top-of-the-hour radio updates along with gold, silver and Bitcoin On Saturday, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Darryl Perry (Darryl is shown speaking in the debates here in a C-SPAN video), added in BipCoin to the top-of-hour updates on Liberty Radio Network (includes Freedom Feens and Free Talk Live.) Basically he did it on a dare from me, but he’s also a fan of BipCoin […]

BipCoin now on CoinGain Currency calculator site

BipCoin now on CoinGain Currency calculator site. Automatically converts any amount of BipCoin into the corresponding amount of hundreds of crypto and fiat currencies. Wanna know how much your BIP holdings are in Bitcoin, Potcoin or Piggy coin? How about US Dollars, the Falkland Islands Pound, Sri Lankan Rupee or Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte? Then this […]

BipCoin dev team road map

UPDATE: Read our whitepaper here: Someone asked about our road map. I answered; Most altcoin Roadmaps are b.s. ….Lots of bluster, not much solid and no real proof of possibility of delivery. We’re getting real, needed things off our list first before we state a flowery wish-list of majestic plans. I could tell you “we […]

Add a BipCoin price widget to your phone

Add BipCoin (via Cryptopia exchange) to the free Digital Currency Widget for Android to always have the latest BipCoin price on your phone! (It isn’t available for iPhone, but iPhone users usually just have their butlers come in each hour and tell them the price of BipCoin.) Get the widget free, here: Digital Currency Widget. […]

BipCoin Linux GUI wallet v.0004 (mandatory update if you had .0003)

If you have our old Linux CLI wallet, backup up that folder, it has your .wallet and .address files with your old bips. If you have our old Linux GUI wallet, backup up your ~/.bipcoin folder ,it has GUI wallet files (bipcoinwallet.wallet, bipcoinwallet.addressbook, bipcoinwallet.cfg). After that, delete your old blockchain files from that folder (everything […]

How to add a payment ID to transactions, for depositing BipCoin on your Cryptopia account (and for other things).

YOU MUST USE A PAYMENT ID WHEN SENDING BipCoin TO DEPOSIT IN YOUR CRYPTOPIA ACCOUNT. BipCoin is now on the Cryptopia exchange (here). That’s very cool. So people can now buy and sell BipCoin for other coins, including Bitcoin. Cryptopia tells you you need a payment ID or you’ll lose your coin that you send […]

How to mine BipCoin NOW with mining pools (Plus a great new pool!) and a very short treatise on how mining BipCoin will save the world

-=-= June 17, 2017: these BipCoin pools are gone: use instead. It’s solid.   -=-= How to mine BipCoin with mining pools: UPDATED LIST OF BipCoin POOLS: Experienced pool miners of other CryptoNote coins can just jump on ANY OF OUR UPDATED LIST OF BipCoin POOLS AND START. (includes which […]


Hard fork directions for BipCoin 10/18/2016 These files below are all 64-bit. You MUST be on 64-bit Windows or Linux to mine. (GUI wallets are 32- and 64-bit, but we haven’t updated those yet and you can’t mine on those.)  We’ve updated BipCoin and it works much better now. But it involves a mandatory software […]

BipCoin launched the day BEFORE the big announcement about Monero

BipCoin, which is based on CryptoNote code, like Monero….I just realized that the day we launched, Sunday August 21, 2016: was one day BEFORE the big announcement about Monero that drove the price up. (Our updated Bitcointalk thread is here.) We had no knowledge that announcement was coming, we were just interested in producing […]

Possibly first-ever transfer of one single squitten of BipCoin

That’s one trillionth of a single BipCoin. That’s the smallest unit of divisibility of BipCoin. Sent from NunaBizness to NunaBizness2. To contrast, it’s 4 more decimal places of granularity than Bitcoin, the smallest unit of which, the satoshi, is only one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin. Ironically, it took a transfer fee of 1/1000th […]

Dealing with errors installing the Linux GUI wallet

legerde sez:  Looking at your screen shot, it can’t find the qt development libraries.   Try something like this (I think this will do it): sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev gcc make cmake git g++ should get qtbase5-dev added to the list like this: sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev libboost-all-dev gcc make cmake […]

How to run a BipCoin node

PLEASE CONSIDER RUNNING A NODE You can do this from home on a spare computer, but it’s even better if you rent a little space at a host. Our favorite hosts are  Digital Ocean, Interserver and Vultr. (Those are our referral links. When you use one of those we get a little off what we’re […]

8/17/16 – blockchain started for real.

blockchain started for real. Pre-mining and testing as test. If all good will release on the 21st, using current blockchain. Total pre-mine should be %.12 i.e. about 1/10th of 1 percent of total coin. Because we can. And to test. And to put in our pockets. Because we can. And for faucet. Or we’ll spend […]