Possibly first-ever transfer of one single squitten of BipCoin

First one-squitten Transfer
That’s one trillionth of a single BipCoin. That’s the smallest unit of divisibility of BipCoin. Sent from NunaBizness to NunaBizness2.

To contrast, it’s 4 more decimal places of granularity than Bitcoin, the smallest unit of which, the satoshi, is only one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin.

Ironically, it took a transfer fee of 1/1000th of a BipCoin to send this 1 squitten. That fee will likely be reduced as BipCoin gains more value.

Oh, and yes, that is the CLI wallet from BipCoin v.0003. And you are only at .0001. More will be revealed by the middle of next week or before, after extensive testing.

It’s already highly reducing those “Tx verification fail” messages on our machines.