Hard fork directions for BipCoin

These files below are all 64-bit. You MUST be on 64-bit Windows or Linux to mine. (GUI wallets are 32- and 64-bit, but we haven’t updated those yet and you can’t mine on those.) 

We’ve updated BipCoin and it works much better now. But it involves a mandatory software update for the CLI wallets from to

To keep mining valid coins, you must do this by block 38500. This happens on Wed Oct 19, 2016 at 1 AM New York City time (EDIT: this has already passed).

Any coins mined on the old software after that block will be on a fork, will be worthless, and will not work with the new software everyone else will be using.

(GUI wallet is not updated yet. But you can’t mine on that. We will update that next week.)

You shouldn’t have to open ports, but if you do have to, open ports


If you have 0003 BipCoin CLI wallets with BipCoin on them, save (do not delete) your old blockchain in a folder called “OldBipCoinBlockchain”

The blockchain files are located on Windows at C:\Users\(ComputerUserName)\AppData\Roaming\bipcoin

On Linux, it’s in ~/.bipcoin

Move everything in that folder into your new folder called “OldBipCoinBlockchain.”

(Especially do not delete it if you also have the GUI wallet, because that folder not only contains the old blockchain for the CLI wallets, it also contains the private keys for the GUI wallet.)

Move all files in the blockchain folder into the new ” OldBipCoinBlockchain” folder, then clear out the folder they were in. The folder that used to have the blockchain should be empty. You’re going to download a new blockchain automatically with the new software.


Download the new software


create a new folder called BipCoin0004


WINDOWS (18 megs)
MD5: 37203526cb8c6f529a9160b4a649065c

and unzip the above into the new BipCoin0004folder

DO NOT RUN bipcoind YET.


LINUX (9 megs):
MD5: 7000d2b924098296f9b31c9cf08275fd

Create a new folder called BipCoin0004 and unzip the above into BipCoin0004.

DO NOT RUN bipcoind YET.


NEXT: for both Windows and Linux:

If you have BipCoin from a previous CLI wallet, copy the .wallet files and .address files from that old wallet into your new BipCoin0004 folder.

In your new folder called BipCoin0004 (the only one you’ll be using now) start bipcoind.

It will have to synchronize to the new block chain (should take around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on network speed). Once synced you’ll see the green ” SYNCHRONIZED OK.”

From your new folder called BipCoin0004, start simplewallet. Then either open an old wallet, or generate a new one. (When generating a new one, generate it, close it, then re-open it to confirm the password before mining with it.)

Check block height by typing


in simple wallet. It should be within a block or two of the blockchain height listed near the upper left of this page:

Block height is also on this page:

If there’s no block height showing under the gray “blockchain height” near the top left, go with the blue block under the black “Height” a little below that.

If the page is blank, wait ten minutes and refresh it. We’re working on things and that may be down from time to time for a few days.

Start mining. I’d type in simplewallet

start_mining 3

if it says 3 is too high, try a lower number until you get it working.

Keep a fan on the computer while mining.


BE SURE TO TRANSFER YOUR OLD BIPS INTO NEW BipCoin ADDRESSES MADE ON WALLET SOFTWARE .0004, THEN DELETE YOUR EMPTY .0003 WALLETS. And change the address anywhere you have it posted and update it with anyone you gave it to.  If you have errors while transferring from the old wallet, read this please.

But transactions are working pretty quick now, esp if you add a small fee. (like .005 bip). Info on transacting and everything else is HERE.


How to mine BipCoin with mining pools (Plus a great new pool!)


(If you need the help commands for either bipcoind or simplewallet, click in that window type
and hit enter.

(be sure that to exit you type

in simplewallet

(and type
in bipcoind. (hit “enter” after each command.)
To close it all.