How to verify transactions in BipCoin (for now)

The blockchain of BipCoin is obscured by default, so there’s no “here’s the link of the transaction on the block explorer, as with Bitcoin.

We do have a block explorer, but there’s quick no way to show with that the Address X sent amount Y to address Z. (That’s kind of the point…obscure by default, unlike Bitcoin. It’s a feature, not a bug.)
There is a way to un-obscure one transaction to show only that, but it’s complicated. And BipCoin is a little bit of a learning curve already. Using BipCoin is a little different than using Bitcoin, so I don’t want to confuse the new user.
There’s also some merchant payment gateway capabilities. That will happen one day but that’s down the list of priorities.
Look how I do transactions, here:
“Send us a unique amount, over the price so you can prove it’s you. Like instead of sending 50 bip, send 50.0027 bip.Then email us and tell us exactly how much bip you sent, what you are ordering, how many of what, how many you want, and send us your mailing address.”