BipCoin Windows GUI wallet v. is out now!


BipCoin Windows GUI wallet v. is out now. (Linux users can also build Linux version from our source.) Unlike our CLI wallets, this GUI wallet will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. You cannot mine on our GUI wallet (that requires the CLI version), but they are much easier to transact on than the CLI version.

If you never had a previous version of BipCoin wallet, skip this part. if you DID have a previous version of BipCoin wallet, backup your wallet files from your old wallet folder, these wallet files (bipcoinwallet.wallet, bipcoinwallet.addressbook, bipcoinwallet.cfg). Then delete your old blockchain files from Windows at C:\Users\(ComputerUserName)\AppData\Roaming\bipcoin   (deleteeverything in that folder). Because your new install will re-download the blockchain. This will prevent errors associated with .0003. This shouldn’t take that long at this point, maybe 60-90 min, depending on network speed.

MD5: 7612510cc70ffccd90c7509d9a989da5

(The fix for common 32-bit Windows issue, affects installing BipCoin GUI wallet)

Installing is pretty damn straightforward. But here are some directions:

Download and unzip to a folder.
Double-click on the purple exe file in the folder. (You can also right-click on this now or later and add a shortcut for the desktop, or to pin the shortcut to the task bar or add to the start menu.)

You will probably get some warnings, depending on what anti-virus software you have, and what your firewall settings are (this is common with a new program). You’ll get something like this, below.

The purple kitty icon splash window should show no matter what (left of this image) and your anti-virus will probably perform some kind of check (bottom right of this image). For Avast anti-virus, it checked for 15 or 20 seconds, then said it was safe and allowed it to finish opening:


For some other anti-virus programs, it may require you to click “allow” or something like that.
Next, your firewall may require you to check both these boxes to be able to run the wallet:


Check both boxes, then click Allow Access. The wallet with take about 30 seconds to open.

If you have already installed the CLI wallet v0.0.0.4, you already have the blockchain downloaded, and your wallet should sync almost immediately to the correct block height.

If you have never installed the CLI wallet, your wallet will take about 60-90 minutes to update, depending on your network speed and computer speed. (This estimate is based on tests with several systems on 10/28/16. The longer from the launch of BipCoin, the bigger the blockchain, and the longer it will take to sync the first time.)

After the first time, it will take a lot less time to sync when you open your wallet, especially if you’ve opened your wallet recently.

After updating, the wallet’s block height is in the bottom left of the open wallet:


You’re synchronized when the block height there matches the block height on our pool’s website, here, under Network/Blockchain Height:

When the two match, you’re synced:


Once you’re synced you can begin transacting.

If you had the previous version of the GUI wallet, and have bips in it, you can transfer them by CLOSING THE WALLET, then moving these 3 files from the saved .0003 wallet folder to the new one:


Allow them to overwrite the files already in that folder from installing the new wallet.

The current blockchain folder is at:

If you never had the wallet before, you’re fine and don’t need to do that.

The wallet has an address book, where you can keep frequently used BipCoin addresses.

If you also have the CLI wallet, please note that on most systems you can open the GUI while the CLI wallet is running. But you cannot open bipcoind to open the CLI wallet while GUI is running.

Note the “anonymity level” slider on the GUI wallet is equivalent to the “mixin” in the CLI wallets.

Happy transacting, enjoy, and tell two friends!

-The BipCoin team of happy hamsters.

The BipCoin will roll right in!
The BipCoin will roll right in!