BipCoin Linux GUI wallet v.0004 (mandatory update if you had .0003)

If you have our old Linux CLI wallet, backup up that folder, it has your .wallet and .address files with your old bips.

If you have our old Linux GUI wallet, backup up your ~/.bipcoin folder ,it has GUI wallet files (bipcoinwallet.wallet, bipcoinwallet.addressbook, bipcoinwallet.cfg).

After that, delete your old blockchain files from that folder (everything in that folder), you’ll want to let it re-download the blockchain. This shouldn’t take that long at this point, maybe 60-90 min, depending on network speed.

Here’s where you build it from:

Build instructions are down that page. (NOTE: If the package libboost1.55-all-dev isn’t available, a later version should work. lubboost-1.58 is working for sure.)

After building, if you had not installed a previous version, you’re now ready to go.

If you had the oldĀ 0003 GUI wallet: Close your new 0004 GUI. Then take the the files you backed up, (bipcoinwallet.wallet, bipcoinwallet.addressbook, bipcoinwallet.cfg), and allow them to overwrite those same files in the ~/.bipcoin folder. Then you’re ready to go.

(If this doesn’t build on your flavor/version, check this.)

Happy transacting!

–The happy hamsters of the BipCoin dev team.