BipCoin dev team road map


UPDATE: Read our whitepaper here:pdfsmall

Someone asked about our road map. I answered;

Most altcoin Roadmaps are b.s. ….Lots of bluster, not much solid and no real proof of possibility of delivery.

We’re getting real, needed things off our list first before we state a flowery wish-list of majestic plans. I could tell you “we are working on a GUI wallet with built-in pool mining” (and we are) or “We’d love to have an Android wallet” (we would, and we’re discussing it), but really, We’d rather tell you what we’ve done.

Anyone can say “these are our plans”, and a lot of it is voodoo. Who can say for sure things like “be on 3 of top 5 exchanges by end of year.”? That’s just fantasy. Many coin road maps seem to be wish lists more than business plans.

We could write you a wish list, but we’d rather tell you the good amount we’ve already done in two months, much more than a lot of coins. We have:

–A coin that works solid, transactions fast and always confirm, bc_height consensus solid, etc.
–Solid team of 3 programmers + 1 marketing weenie
–We have GUI and CLI wallets for Linux and Windows. They work great (more than can be said for some CryptoNote coins.)
–2 mining pools, still very minable but solid very network (at this moment our network is 29.72 KH/sec, almost all of it on our two pools)
–2 block explorers
–Solid and fun branding
–Unique license ( ) that ALL dark coins should use eventually.
–Favorable article / interview in major crypto mag (CoinTelegraph)
–Mentions in some other crypto mags
–One one exchange, contacting more. But not rushing that. Would rather wait to have more under our belt to increase chance of getting accepted on the bigger ones than spam them all and lose the one chance we’d have later.

–Good amount of transacting on BipCoin on the one exchange we’re on
–Merchandise (stickers and buttons) available for BipCoin and selling briskly. (sell at break even, just to promote BipCoin)
–Extroidinarly detailed and easy-to-use tech how-tos on our website for every aspect, from installing, to pool mining, to even how to add a transaction IDs when adding bips to exanange so you don’t use them. This is MUCH more than most altcoins bother with.
–dev team is patient and helpful with answering questions, even with noobs. Again, more than most coins.
–A whole bunch of other cooler smaller stuff we’re too busy to do to enumerate.

This is more than MANY cryptos do in 2 months. So trust that we’ll continue on a path of doing more consistently. I’d rather show you what we’ve done than make up what we would like to do.

Once we have even more under our belt, we may do a map. But for now we’d rather tell you every week or more what new things we’ve actually done.