How to buy or sell BipCoin on Cryptopia Exchange

To deposit some Bitcoin to the exchange:

After making an account on,

(Note, every time you log on to Cryptopia, you’ll get an email. It’s part of their anti-hacking protection.)

Then go to your Account Balances at:

NOTE: you can hide any coins that you don’t follow so they don’t show in the list. Click the far right tick box on coins you want to show up, so you won’t have to weed through the whole list every time. This is useful since many people only deal in a handful of currencies. Here I show how to do it if you only want to see BipCoin and Bitcoin. lol.:

Then, while on that page, double click on the “Show Address” of the currency you want to deposit.


Click the “Copy Address” icon to copy to the address:


(If you ever deposit BipCoin to sell, please read this first.)

Copy that address in the “send” field in your Bitcoin wallet and deposit some BTC to Cryptopia.

After depositing Bitcoin (or other coin), it takes about 10 min after deposit to show incoming, then 30 total approx to be available.

Here’s where you buy and sell BipCoin for Bitcoin and vs versa:

Buy orders are the way to get the lowest price but it can take a day or two.

For immediate orders, I’ve click on the left on a price / amount I like and buy it on the spot. Or entered an amount to buy and buy it.

Randy adds: I set a buy order and overnight, half a dozen sellers came in and sold me chunks of my buy order. At the moment all but about 3% of it is complete. So I would say it went extremely well, considering the price I paid was so far below what people were asking over on the left hand “Sell Orders” box.

I think the trick is not to match a sell order in the left hand box, but to offer the highest buy price in the “Buy Order” list on the right. Sellers just show up and grab the best deal they can get on the spot.

Here’s the full Cryptopia FAQ if you need more help, or need help with something else.

To withdraw from the exchange to your own account.



Then you will get a confirm email, and you’ll have to click to confirm:


Happy transacting!