Bitpark Coin is using BipCoin’s existing ticker symbol “BIP”

Ethereum contract token Bitpark Coin is using our ticker symbol, BIP. We’ve used “BIP as our ticker since we released our coin Aug 20, 2016. “BIP” is even the first three letters of every BipCoin address, and always has been. Bitpark Coin started using “BIP” on December 25, 2016.

Bitpark Coin first posted about their ICO on Bitcointalk on Aug 4th, but there was no mention of using BIP. They didn’t mention it until a post in November 9th here. And they didn’t use it in commerce anywhere (or anywhere you’d even look when seeing if a particular ticker is taken) until they got listed December 25th on LiveCoin. We first announced using “BIP” when we launched the coin. And first used it on an exchange when we got added to Cryptopia on October 28.

I consider this their problem, not mine. And I’ve asked them to change it. I emailed them and also posted here on their Bitcointalk Announce thread, here. I also emailed that information to them at the contact email address on their website. And I told the one exchange they’re on, LiveCoin, about it, and sent a note about it to And I told Cryptopia exchange about it.

So Bitpark Coin f’ed up, I’ve let everyone know that I need to tell, and any confusion after this point is the fault of Bitpark Coin.

They’re pretty damn flaky to not have done a search on before picking their ticker. And BCP is even available, and would make a lot more sense as a ticker for them.

I don’t expect them to rectify this or even reply to me. If you look at page two of their announce thread, and all pages after a lot of the posts seem to be people who invested saying they are trying to get what they paid for and/or that the Bitpark Devs are not responding to emails or posts.

Edit / update 12/28/16: Most of this seems fixed. Cryptopia and LiveCoin dealt with it after I contacted them and after Bitpark Coin contacted both (after I told Bitpark they should.)

“BitPark Coin” appears to be no long using “BIP. They’re using “BPC.”

Hey, I built that!  That was what I suggested as a replacement. Nice.

Graph below tells the whole story. lol. (for a few days our price and market cap was BipCoin’s combined with Bitpark Coin’s. It’s fixed now.

lol. I acted quickly even though it was Christmas and continued the next two days working hard on this because I hated the idea that people were buying Bitpark Coin thinking they were buying BipCoin.  I’m honest, and care about people. I did ride the price jump to sell some BipCoin and buy two 5-ounce silver bars with Bitcoin so I’ll always have something to hold in my hand, no matter what the future of BipCoin is.

But I had to be very proactive to get this done promptly, and it still took 3 days. I suggest in the future crypto services add software that alerts a human if there are matching ticker symbols.