Adding a payment ID for a transaction

This is required when depositing to Cryptopia. They provide the payment ID along with your deposit address.
The formula for sending with a payment ID from CLI:
transfer <mixin_amount> <address> <sum> [-p payment_id]
then hit “Enter.”

Example, to send 100 bips:

transfer 0 bip1gRjTqLtcKdM1xk9aK5FWZG1qhfyV3CwNAvhZD8KVyKVR1X99Aq43WsPBp4LrEWdSMmC2ZK1SPhy zcUvBTSV7GeAoz8UnE 100 -p a1ca72acb23d8e1a838575d4463d31fd6de01e0f5fc986ecee68efcfd614cd1c

Try sending a very small amount, like 1 bip, the first time you do it.

The GUI has a field for the Payment ID (make sure don’t put it in the “Label” field by accident, that’s just for your records.)