Successful test of first-ever BipCoin paper wallet, via ForkNote

^That’s a blurry picture of BipCat (the cat on the BipCoin logo) looking at the first ever BipCoin paper wallet!

cold storage coming soon!

So, slb has been working hard on improving the ForkNote base, we were testing a BipCoin version of the updated code. (ForkNote is a tool for testing updates, you only need to update the config file, instead of spending 1-2 hours compiling after each update.)

We worked out some bugs, then tested the new “export keys” function.

It worked! I was able to scan the image and read the keys. (There are 2 private keys with CryptoNote coins, not just one like Bitcoin has.)

If you click on the image at the bottom of this post to get the larger version, then print it out, you can scan the QR code (to the left of the number 6 to the left of the zebra.) Then you have the Spend secret key and the View secret key. You can enter them on your end to recreate the wallet and extract the BipCoin from it. And you won’t need the password either. (Read my post about hiding paper wallets by making them into ugly art here.)

NOTE: never run any CLI BipCoin wallet (including ForkNote BipCoin) at the same time on the same machine as the BipCoin GUI wallet. It can cause problems with the GUI wallet. If you accidentally do this, close both, re-open the GUI, and if you have problems, restore from your backup. You’ll need to let it sync.

This won’t work in BipCoin until the next version (will be out when we get around to it, and when test everything else). But basically, in the CLI wallet, with forknoted (will be bipcoind in final) running, open another CMD window and open simplewallet. Then type


to export keys, and bring them into a QR code generator.

Insert your QR code into some ugly art, make sure it scans from the screen, then print it and make sure it scans from the paper.

Use a new wallet that you don’t use for other transactions.

To re-bulid the wallet later, scan the QR code, save the keys in a text document. Then open forknoted (bipcoind in final), in another CMD window open simplewallet, then it will say

[O]pen existing wallet, [G]enerate new wallet file, [I]mport wallet or [E]xit.



Then for wallet test name enter


for password enter


then it will ask you for each of the keys. Enter them, then and then it will start syncing. When it’s fully synced, and BipCoin will be there!

This will work for any other CryptoNote coins based on Bytecoin that update via the latest ForkNote, after all testing is complete.

Do NOT use

(local, NOT online QR code generators. If you use an online generator, someone else will have the private keys. For Windows I used this program to make my QR codes. Here’s an article on options in Linux. (Let me know if you know and test a good one.)

We will never be making an online BipCoin paper wallet generator. You’ll have to make them yourselves, for more security. And this will be available in the next version of BipCoin, out soonish.

And yeah, there’s like two bip in that wallet. If you can get it you’re welcome to it. Takes some hoop jumping though before it’s solid in BipCoin, so let us know. You deserve it if you can get it!