Workable and adoptable decentralized DNS (someone should do this plan, but I’m out)

We didn’t raise enough to make it work our plan for workable and adoptable decentralized DNS.


The methodology described in my whitepaper
is solid, and I hope someone with more resources will take it up with a different coin.

I basically recommend a non-CryptoNote coin, even though conventional blockchains don’t offer anonymity. Because it’s easier to get non-CryptoNote coins on a lot of exchanges without paying. And to be decentralized it would require being on many exchanges.

Maybe just clone Namecoin, add MeowBit, and add the gold price code I described. Also probably pre-mine 3% (and be open about it), so you don’t have to cyberbeg for money to get it going before enough comes in from registrations to keep it going.

Here’s more background: BipCoin, alive and well. But Dot-Bip  decentralized DNS is not happening.