How to run a BipCoin node


You can do this from home on a spare computer, but it’s even better if you rent a little space at a host. Our favorite hosts areĀ  Digital Ocean, Interserver and Vultr.

(Those are our referral links. When you use one of those we get a little off what we’re paying for multiple servers on 4 different hosts in four continents.)

This will work remotely or at home, and on Windows or on Linux.

For remote servers: something like this will work:

1 CPU Core
1024MB Memory
25GB Storage
Transfer 1TB per month

Though best is to go with at least the next larger package. It won’t cost much.

Rent the server space andĀ  simply unzip our binary to the server (as if you were installing to run the CLI wallet), but just run bipcoind.

Once it says it’s running let it sync for a while. Then check bipcoind. Once it says


in green text, you’re good to go and the node is live.

If you know how, “run as a service”, do that. If not, just run it.

Let us know if you do run a Node. That will get you a “Thank you for your service!” and will get your name (or nick) on the <humor>BipCot Golden Floppy Disc USB stick of Redemption. (Coming soon, The Golden Blockchain of Redemption.)</humor>