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  1. Hi

    Hi I am loving this coin and all of your help and guidance I downloaded the wallet. it says it’s synced @ block 51004 followed your instructions on pool mining apparently I’m mining away but I don’t see any coins in my wallet

    1. CatBot (Post author)

      Glad you love it. There’s a lot to love!

      What’s your hash rate and how long have you been mining?

  2. Robert

    I want to mine BIP however it is not working. My OS is Ubuntu 14.4
    I drag the bipcoind file to the terminal and then it goes through the stuff and then in red typing it says this.
    “017-Jan-06 17:20:05.944309 ERROR Exception: TcpListener::TcpListener, bind failed, result=98, Address already in use”

    I started a wallet and when it is incialized it says this when I drage the simplewallet into the terminal. (I am newbie but trying)
    “2017-Jan-06 17:23:35.167935 ERROR [BlockchainSynchronizer] Failed to query outdated pool transaction: NodeErrorCategory:3, Network error” In red.

    The Wallet that it gave me is… and I can pass the code to open it.

    Help!!!! thanks. Love the Idea!

    1. CatBot (Post author)

      Ask the question please here:
      (you’ll need to set up a free account there to post.)

      That way more than one person can help and more than one person will see the answer, so we don’t have to type the same things over and over.

  3. Kyle

    I’ve been using claymore cpu miner (for cpu obviously) and ccminer for gpu. I totaled about 1100kh/s in about 7 hours and saw that on the democats site using that pool it made absolutely nothing. So I switched to the other pool you guys recommend and it worked fine. Just wondering why I wasted time on that democats pool or if I’m just being ignorant. Btw my hashrate with ccminer and cclaymore cpu miner running is around 450h/s


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