Why BipCoin?



How to pool mine BipCoin, and link to our new pools.

BipCoin is NOT a Bitcoin clone. The CryptoNote base of BipCoin solves the main problems of Bitcoin. So BipCoin has

  • Untraceable transactions
  • Can be mined on ordinary computers
  • Adaptive limits.

BipCoin is covered by the BipCot No-Government license, which allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame.

Plus it has the coolest AltCoin name ever.

Also, CATS!

Q. Why is BipCoin important, if it’s just another AltCoin?

A. Between the BipCot license and the kitty cats, BipCoin is fun. Which makes it more adoptable. And the code base solves the main problems of Bitcoin.

Dogecoin was a joke with no value because of its unlimited supply. But it was fun and probably did more than anything to spread cryptocurrencies, and increased the visibility of Bitcoin.

BipCoin has the best of both worlds: more fun than Dogecoin and the solid code base that spawned Monero.

BipCoin was released August 20, 2016, the day before the big announcement about Monero adoption that raised Monero’s price.

Read more at our FAQ.

BipCoin launched early Sunday morning, Aug 21, 2016



  1. Zoar@tuta.io

    Hi there

    1) is there only one exchange to buy Bipcoin currently

    2) any mobile wallet

    1. CatBot (Post author)

      1) Yes, Cryptopia exchange. (or one-to-one with friends.)

      2) Not yet. Do you build mobile CryptoNote coin wallets? That would be sweet!

    2. John

      Now is the time to help get with JAXX wallet and help them add your coin to the wallet!

      Monero screwed the pooch! Help them Help you.

      1. Dark Donkey

        It is extremely inappropriate to blame Anthony Di Iorio / Jaxx’ failure on Monero when fluffypony bent over backwards to try to help him, only to be publicly abused in return. Anthony overpromised when he didn’t know what he was doing, then when he realized he was in over his head he PUBLICLY blamed his own failure on the Monero community, giving them a totally undeserved PR black eye. Jaxx / Anthony is the one that “screwed the pooch” with his big talk and inadequate technical ability. As they say, all hat, no cattle!

  2. Thom

    Hey Michael, great to see you once again addressing the DNS problem, and with Derrick.

    I have written about my entry into the crypto world in April of 2014, and you & Derrick were instrumental in that. I am (basically) a retired software dev and I am very passionate about the DNS problem. I have been involved with BitShares since you realized in 2014 that NMC was not going to succeed. From my interactions on the BitSharesTalk forum and discussions about an alternative DNS on a blockchain, I can see how difficult the problem is to resolve.

    I’m currently listening to you & Derrick on lrn (not sure which show it is, perhaps the crypto show) and am gathering you’re looking for help to further your project’s goals. I may be able to help, but before I contact you to discuss that I need to read your bipcoin whitepaper. I’m not hearing a lot of details about it on the show, but I am a bit skeptical of your (somewhat arbitrary) choice to pin the registration fee to the price of gold.

    I agree with you fully that the cost of registration needs to be determined by the free market. I don’t need to tell you that the price of gold is NOT set by the free market. Auctions were proposed as one potential solution my Daniel Larimer’s DNS team led by Nikolai M. I just sent him a PM:
    Surprised to see that you logged in as recently as August this year Nikolai. Hope all is well with you these days.

    Are you still interested in alternative DNS systems? Micheal W. Dean is once again trying to invent a solution with his friend Derrick Sloppe based on the “bipcoin” blockchain. I’m about to begin research into that and see if he’s thought it out very well and if it’s worth getting involved with.

    I was very disappointed the effort to create an alternative DNS based on a blockchain fell apart in the BitShares ecosystem. It never saw the light of day in graphene either. I can hardly believe nobody has come up a solution or started a project with traction to solve the DNS problem, which is so important. I’m not crazy about PoW systems, but what is crucially important is decentralization. Although biPcoin is a PoW system, it claims to be possible to mine it with a typical PC (either CPU or GPU not sure about that). It may be adequate to insure decentralization, but I need to do more research to offer an opinion on that.

    I’ll apprise you of what I find if you’re interested. I will assume you’re not interested unless I hear from you.

    Take care my friend!

    I’ll be in touch again after I digest your bipcoin whitepaper. Take care!

    1. CatBot (Post author)

      Thank you Thom. Just sent you an email. If you don’t get it, check your trash and spam, it had some links.


  3. theborg(really) theborg

    So whoever gave you guys the bright idea to charge 8 dollars or so for each name did not really have a idea of what is really wrong with distributed dns and name squatting.
    So the big company names are only going to cost 8 dollars. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa
    I think even the namecoin devs didn’t wake up and smell the rat. Free markets always work well and this is why a lot of coins always fail. The day you guys release a coin with dns features and a wallet where any name can be auctioned off then only will you get mass adoption.

    So why free markets? Why should anybody dictate what anyone should pay for a domain name. Consider this: What happens when the early adopters get some top names for 8 dollars. Are our google giants going to like that. NoNonononono. So that is why I even told namecoin to build in an auction system in the client. they did not listen so that coin failed. So now I am telling you guys. Now listen or fail. Set a date for further down the road for name registrations and inform companies so that they can register or bid on names. 8 dollars? lol

  4. Tristan D' agosta


    I am Busoni admin of Polo Exchange,

    we have been reading through your thread and are wondering if you would like to be added to our exchange. We feel we could bring a lot of attention to your project from our customer base.

    We currently offer:

    Coin addition: 1 BTC
    Holding of ICO: 2 BTC

    Please let us know how you feel of our offer,

    Tristan D’iagosta

    1. CatBot (Post author)
  5. Rcik

    so monero is number 1 for easy mining and might go higher, and is already over $10, i see u want to be the lite coin to monero like lite coin is to bitcoin. I say why not shoot higher, if ur shootin for the moon screw it. ur kitty wants to be #1 when he’s in ur arms, he doesn’t want to be number 2 for affaction. Why not shoot for outer space instead of the moon. U can’t beat monero on price, populatiry, and early adoption, or best mining. What can u do to be #1? i dont know programming, can u be faster? can u implement that instant x and be much faster for future payments and moneyexcange? can u have a wide vaiety of wallets, my computer is average and monero’s wallets suck for me. Come on meow? kitties dont want to be #2

  6. dermelon

    i like bicoin wallet, fast and easy. what is bipcoin roadmap?

    1. CatBot (Post author)

      basically keeping it fast and easy. Update soonish to make it even more solid, plus adding ability for paper wallets.
      And someone working on BipCoin poker site.

  7. danielsan
    1. CatBot (Post author)

      coin is not dead. Is passed off to new dev who is good.

  8. catness

    glad there’s a new dev and the coin isn’t dead. Woot! To the Moon!

  9. Jessie

    Thousands of bipcoins traded last week, congrats boys, I wish u all the best. PS: I love cats ♥

  10. jazzman

    me too. .bip would be nice but did you solve the monero privacy bug? not as secure as they say and theres 3 forks because of it.

    Like the nmc fork idea but even bip is horrendously slow to load. Id look into blockchain tech too. 60gb 3yrs out is unsustainable. pascal has the right idea. Id love to port it to (PASN) pas notes.

    watch your pools and exchanges. while the pools are mostly good, cryptopia charges 8x the current btc rate to cash out. poloniex proves it. exchanges are con artists making a buck off every trade. micro alts dont pay them enough. this is third time i brought this up and all I get are bs replies. I think they dont want this getting out. sux to b them.

    *you dont own me*

    Lazarus (LCL) TStream has compress and encryption “functions” but not sure if has what we want. apparently theres a way to use AES, which is one of the flaws with pascal. The other is the “wallet” distribution. I like pasc marketplace- I just put my coins elsewhere…

    Yes, I write. Im working on the BGI for SDL right now. dont ask me to fix your C, though.

  11. Crypto master

    Bip is not going up? why? very less supply so should be reach 100$ or more but cant cross 0.10$ also.

    1. muhdadhub

      I feel like there’s a lack of development with this coin which is preventing it from becoming popular and more mainstream. That being said I think it has potential to grow a lot but first I think there needs to be a more solid timeline and a plan for updates to this coin

  12. Rafael

    Any Updates from Developers?
    Can you please share your roadmap for this year? I am one of the investors and I think you have a cool concept which is very much under valued at the moment.

  13. Peter

    Are there any devs actually?

  14. Aeden

    May I have your email address?


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