My stats are off the charts

OzWiz gets his eyes examined ...

by his opthamologist (who had chided him a few months back on skipping his annual exam two years in a row) this morning. Once drops are put into my eyes I'm unable to drive, be in bright sunlight, read, watch TV and do much with the computer.

As the drops wear down I'm now able to read & write.

The good news is that I have no diseases of the eye. While glasses are not a must, if I had to take the driver's test eye exam, it would take me, so I was given a prescription for glasses. My eyesight should then improve any night driving (I tend to avoid any driving after sundown now) and will sharpen my eyesight focus. I might even be able to see that huge asteroid headed this way - but will miss Earth by some half million miles - really, my eyesight would have to be plain awful to not see it.

In the next couple of days I will get the new shades. Who knows I might even venture out some evenings.

The Emmy Awards: Since the OzWiz rarely watches any of the standard fare on the evening TV there was no reason to watch the award show. Seems as if a lot of folks joined me as the ratings were in the tank. More of a fashion statement than grateful thank yous.

As a fan of the Monty Python series I do find the new series of Guiness TV ads to be BRILLIANT. Yes, Brilliant.